[A Pattern] is defined as the repeated or regular way in which something happens or is done.

[The Pattern] is a digital blog blending a mix of culture, think pieces, insights and interviews for the future creators and re-thinkers. Aimed to share ideas, raise questions and ignite positive change.

The Pattern opens up the discussions about patterns and their exceptions with a series of interviews with designers, founders, directors and people that I admire, to share with you lessons and stories from a different perspective.

The Pattern is also about making things entrepreneurship, design. Beyond this I want to tell personal and very human stories. Stories that could not only teach lessons but also inspire the next generation of curious minds, independent makers and creative entrepreneurs.

Article collection and resources are written by a Designer with Entrepreneurial spirit, Strategist and Idea maker Michaela Fiasová. I’m designing experiences and making ideas reality for clients like Volvo, Lenovo, Alpine pro, Minty, Solved, Finwerk, Websupport since 2013.

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