Curated Notes vol.1

I’m sharing a curated list of my top things I found thought-provoking last week. Enjoy!


1.Words matter — Start writing your way through interfaces

Melody Quintana, a current Dropbox Product designer, highlights the benefits of writing for designers:

“Design thinking is nonlinear. Writing can help harness your scattered ideas and make sense of them.”

When solving a problem, she suggests writing, as a vital part of a design process. How? When solving a problem — keep a journal around and write undisturbed for a few minutes. When you start designing try to think about your users as If they’re characters in a story. And finally: design with words. Forget about Lorem ipsum and think about your elements in the context of words.

Whether you’re designer or not — Writing is THE MOST critical skill you could possess. Writing narrows your thoughts and thinking. And sparks your creativity — because it creates limits. It can bring order into chaos — here’s a guide to help you get started with your writings.

2.Real danger of social media? They keep us trapped in present

What was the last time you sat down with yourself and thought about the things you’ve done, achieved or missed? About yourself? Your life?

And it’s not just about you: “…2 billion people’s minds are already jacked into this automated system, and it’s steering people’s thoughts toward either personalized paid advertising or misinformation or conspiracy theories.” argues John Harris in his article, laying down concerns about the future of our society.

Will our society still have the ability to think critically? When we’re trapped in constant dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created? The discussion is now open.

3. Can’t hold eye contact with another person? Well, you might be racist

As crazy as it may sound — making eye contact or the lack of it — was appointed as an act of every day “micro-aggressions” not just by social activists but even by Oxford’s equality and diversity unit.

Are you the one that happens to be always late? If you don’t want to be called racist — be more on time. Are you familiar with micro-aggressions and now you’re trying to avoid them? Yes, you’re still racist. You might be asking yourself: how are those even slightly related to one’s race? 🙄

In the video Roaming Millenial hilariously explains why these acquisitions are merely preposterous and roll down well-articulated reasons why she thinks so.

4. Still not sure how Blockchain works? Here’s visual interactive explanation you’ll love

Chances are that throughout the past few months you’ve heard something about BitcoinBlockchain or cryptocurrencies in general (you must have been living in a cave if not).

Goldman Sachs, one of Wall Street’s biggest firms, sponsored this visual and interactive explanation of Blockchain technology. After initial information about setting up a cryptocurrency trading desk their investment in a project like this less questionable. Yet still, I can’t help to see it as a little bit ironic…

Anyway, it’s engaging and well-crafted informational website. If you’re a visually oriented person like me, you’ll immediately fall in love with it. Learn something new!

5. What themes are going to be hot in 2018’s branding? These 6 will be dominant

2018 requires that brands take a deeper dive into collected data to fully understand their value propositions.” writes Sidney Evans for Brandingmag.

Brand in 2018 has to be authentic and emotionally connected to the customers. In 2018 these traits must be balanced with learnings from new media like artificial intelligence.

Recently, I’ve written an article questioning how should brands and agencies use future technologies. These themes won’t fade away like design trends. Don’t leave your business behind the curve: “Now is the time for brands to start experimenting because this is going to move fast.

6. What you tell yourself over and over becomes your reality

Change that pattern and insert a new story, and if you’re patient enough, you’ll become that new story.

You might tell yourself stories that make you weak and miserable — writes Tim Denning. How do you want to achieve something if you’re repeating to yourself that: life sucks anyway, I don’t need to improve, these disasters always happens only to me…

In the article, the author argues that you should more focus on positive stories and higher aims. The whole idea is strongly related to the Law of attraction by which focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into your life.

He suggests to write down a story about yourself. What would your day look like If every dream or vision you have becomes a reality? What would you be like? And how would that improve your life? Aim high and be patient.

7. Creating constraints will make you more creative

This story has played on repeat throughout most of my “creative moments”when I was younger. I sat down with a blank sheet of paper in front of me, excited to draw. Still, I hadn’t been able to create anything.

Obstacles can broaden your perception, open up your thinking processes. Consistent constraints help you improve at connecting unrelated ideas and concepts.” argues the author, backed up with a lot of research and studies.

Why couldn’t I draw? I never had any real constraints. I was always overwhelmed by the number of possibilities I had. What should I draw? What style? This or that pose?

Be smarter than I used to be: Your limitations are starting point for seemingly endless creativity and possibility. Use them to your advantage.

What themes or articles had you found interesting last week? Had these ideas resonated with you? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts!🙏

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